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Mother Nature in all her glory

Location, location, location. Our setting on the famous Sandstone Trail certainly ticks all the boxes.

From our doorstep, your adventure into the great outdoors begins. The hills of Bulkeley, Bickerton and Peckforton, forming part of the famous trail, offer stellar views across the Cheshire plain and beyond.

Following the sandstone ridge that rises dramatically from the Cheshire Plain, the trail offers a glimpse into a world when dinosaurs roamed the earth. The Triassic red sandstone is some 210 million years old and is so coloured due to iron oxide occurring around the sand grains. Look out for ancient sweet chestnut trees and signs of a bygone age when copper was mined from Bickerton.

There are routes suitable for serious hill-climbers with thighs of steel or families out to walk off their Sunday lunch. Short treks and others more challenging but always providing very Instagram worthy moments.

The Sandstone Trail, and the glorious views gifted to us by the Bickerton Hills in particular, provide some of the finest walking in the region and we are delighted to welcome nature-lovers who stop off with us for a bite to eat or stay with us as campers or in our stylish hotel rooms. And as a dog-friendly pub we are a welcome resting point for all walkers, including those with four legs!

So grab your walking boots and head out from our car park to Cheshire’s number one attraction for people keen to take in all that Mother Nature has to offer

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